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Is your strength training stagnating and are you ready for the next challenge? And is this one of the reasons you want to add new material to your (home) gym, so you can – finally – make steps forward in your training schedule? Than you really need to meet the GorillaGrip Log Bar. Training with this bar requires discipline and brute force. And precisely for that reason, the Log Bar is part of strongman competitions and training.   What is a Log Bar? The Log Bar is an alternative to the Olympic barbell, with a steel housing over the barbell. There are two vertical handles in this housing, which you use to pick up the Log Bar. With a weight of 27 kg, it is a lot heavier than a regular barbell. Lifting this bar therefore feels very different – especially more intensive – than lifting an Olympic barbell. Is the Log Bar press easy peasy for you? Then add bumper plates or Hi-temp plates to make the workout heavier. Competition plates are not suitable for this.   Weight: 27 kg Total length: 2 m Sleeve length: 36 cm Diameter 19,4 cm   Color: RAL9005 Texture All materials used are guaranteed European. Own production in The Netherlands  
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