Standard Rubber Granules Tile 20mm – BLACK

305,00 kr.

This granulate tile is produced with extra hard compression and extra fine rubber granules. As a result, these tile offers high resistance when using heavy materials, such as heavy weights and equipment. The fine rubber granule ensures a nice dense structure, which makes it easy to clean. This tile has a noise reduction test and air quality certificate. Size: 100x100cm Thickness: 20mm Density: 1000KG/M3 Produced in EU with 70% of used Dutch car tyres   Due to size and weight, the webshop only provides shipping options within the Netherlands. Shipping costs for the 20mm tile are € 89,95 including VAT for quatities between 1 and 50 tiles. Shipping outside the Netherlands is possible on request.   Do you need larger numbers? Email us at

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SKU: GGST-FTS10920920

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