X-Connect Tile 20mm 15% Green

445,00 kr.

The X-Connect Rubber tile is characterized by the closed flat top. The 20mm tile is made of a 2mm top layer, of 100% recycled SBR rubber. This provides a chic look and increased durability compared to Rubber Granulate Tiles. Underneath this top layer there is an 18mm “impact pattern” layer which provides damping and suspension. This layer is made from 100% recycled SBR/EPDM rubber.   The X-Connect tiles will be connected to each other by plastic connectors. This creates a complete rubber floor, that does not shift or give cracks and seams. Each tile comes with 7 pieces of this connector.   X-Connect tiles are available in 100% black SBR version and in the 15% version where the tile consists of 85% black and 15% colour. Color: 15% Green / 85% Black Size: 100x100cm Thickness: 20mm Density: 1000KG/M3   Due to size and weight, the webshop only provides shipping options within the Netherlands. Shipping costs for the 20mm tile are € 89,95 including VAT for quatities between 1 and 50 tiles. Shipping outside the Netherlands is possible on request.   Need larger numbers? Send us an email at info@gorillagrip.nl  
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